Preparing Your Media

Download Handbrake Presets

File Types

At this time, to ensure your media can be played on as many devices as possible, MediaHub only supports .mp4 for video files and .mp3 for audio.

Media Quality Specs

While there are no specific restrictions on the quality of the media added to MediaHub, we do have some recommendations to ensure your viewers have the best experience possible.


An aspect ratio of 16:9 is recommended on all videos regardless of resolution. A 960px wide resolution with a bitrate of 1200kbps including audio is the preferred minimum for any videos submitted to MediaHub. Higher resolutions are encouraged.


The best bitrate for .mp3 files depends on the complexity of the sounds being reproduced. A bitrate of 192kbps is typically sufficient for most applications, however, it should be noted that complex sounds files like that of an orchestra might need more while something like a single human voice can make due with much less.

Media Formatting and Conversion


To get your videos ready for MediaHub we recommend Handbrake. Handbrake is free and open source and can be downloaded here. To make things easier we’ve provided UNL's recommended Handbrake presets for download here.


A number of web applications are availible convert you audio files to .mp3 and manage bitrate. MediaHub recommends