2016 Rural Prosperity Research Project

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Rural Futures is with Nebraska Extension and 4 others. Published by Katelyn Ideus · 21 hrs · Rural community leaders from across Nebraska are working with University faculty, students and Nebraska Extension educators to define rural prosperity and create strategies for rural communities across the country to reach their goals. Funded by the Rural Futures Institute in 2016, the project is creating action through the work of dedicated community members, committed NU faculty and energized NU students. Watch this video to see the status of two communities -- Valentine, Nebraska, and Chappell, Nebraska. Valentine is moving into implementation phase of several strategies, including a downtown revitalization in partnership with Professor Kim Wilson and her students in the UNL - College of Architecture. Chappell has been gathering data and research with Extension educators and other partners to better understand its target audience, which surprisingly was in the age demographic of 25-35. This is just one of many examples of projects RFI is proud to have supported that resulted in true collaboration across Nebraska, and provides insights for rural communities across the country. We look forward to sharing the best practices that come forward out of this work. More information about this project at: http://ruralfutures.nebraska.edu/rural-prosperity-research…/ All 50 RFI-funded research and teaching projects are available at: http://ruralfutures.nebraska.edu/research

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