Understand by Ruth Hambleton

Jessica Groskopf Author
02/27/2018 Added
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In this world there are things to understand and things to accept. Women are involved with just about every farm and ranch operation in the U.S. We understand that. However, we are also asked to accept that agriculture is male dominated. Statistically, women are the majority population with an ability to accept our roles on the farm, no matter the scale or impact. Conventional wisdom states “you don’t have to understand, just accept.” But what if we can understand something a little better than what is expected of us? Is it possible that expending effort to understand something, and not just accept it, can add a level of control and security often surrendered? Ruth Hambleton, the founder of Annie’s Project — Education for Farm Women, explores what happens when women become empowered by growing their understanding (and acceptance) of the world in which they live.

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