Commercialization Partner of the Year - NCIA/NuPride Genetics Network

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Nebraska Crop Improvement Association and NuPride Genetics Network are valuable partners in the process of commercialization of University of Nebraska-developed germplasm and plant varieties. The Nebraska Crop Improvement Association, is a recognized authority for seed production, performance, quality analysis and operational support regarding variety licenses to the certified seed dealers in the Network. Operating as an independent, unbiased non-profit organization, the NCIA enhances the value of your seed and crops through professional, personalized services that meet seed producer, marketer, and industry needs. NCIA programs contribute to agricultural diversity, productivity, and sustainability. Further, NCIA provides the link between Husker Genetics, UNLs Foundation Seed operation, with the Certified Seed Dealer companies in the NCIA network. Together, the team of NCIA/NuPride Genetics, the university, Husker Genetics, NUtech Ventures, and the seed companies of the network, provide a robust path to move UNL seed technologies from research and development to the farmers field. NCIA/NuPride is recognized as NUtech Ventures 2017 Commercialization Partner of the Year.

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