'Why People Vote for Those Who Work Against Their Best Interests'

Mark Blyth Author
10/11/2017 Added
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Are there a higher set of drivers in the global economy than we commonly pay attention to? Is the election of Donald Trump really just one part of a much larger, global pattern of events that is still unfolding and will affect us for years to come? Mark Blyth, the political economist noted for predicting both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, walks you through the disparate dynamics in both the U.S. and Europe that will forever alter politics as usual and send shockwaves through the global economy. Dr. Blyth also tells you what this shift of power means to financial markets, the fate of the EU, and the political and economic climate in the U.S. His straight-talking, no-holds-barred and frequently entertaining analysis tells it like it is, with powerful predictions of what’s to come.

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