The Intersections Between Sexual Violence and Alcohol on Campuses: Using Research to Guide Effective Prevention Planning and Collaboration 2 of 2

Linda Langford Sc.D. Author
08/11/2017 Added
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Research consistently finds an association between sexual violence and alcohol. However, the nature of that association is complex, so translating these findings into successful prevention efforts can be challenging. This training will provide a unique opportunity for campus sexual violence and alcohol prevention professionals to come together and explore these issues. The session is designed to foster a dialogue about how these issues intersect and provide an opportunity for participants to generate ideas about how best to approach these issues in their own prevention efforts. The session will begin with a review of research findings about sexual violence and alcohol and an overview of a framework for effective prevention on college campuses that consists of a set of best practice principles and a strategic planning process. Through interactive exercises, discussion, and sharing ideas, participants will explore the implications of the research and best practices for creating more effective prevention and education efforts and finding opportunities for collaboration and mutual support across alcohol and violence prevention efforts. The workshop will touch on an array of specific topics, including the relationship of the alcohol/sexual violence intersection to consent, social norms, skill-building, bystander intervention, and environmental management.

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