Utilizing Web-based Programs to Combat High-Risk Drinking on College Campuses: A Reviews of Fail Safe and the Year One College Alcohol Profile 3 of 3

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Addressing High-Risk Drinking Embedded in Group Membership: The Failsafe Student Leader Toolkit College prevention specialists have known for decades that high-risk drinking is often clustered into social groups and communities that can become, as sociologist Steven Lyng describes, “edgework communities.” College campuses provide a perfect breeding ground for these communities with fraternities and sororities, sports clubs, recognized student organizations, and even group-oriented co-curricular activities like marching or pep bands or student newspapers. Understanding how high-risk communities operate socially helps us focus prevention and intervention efforts to incorporate group dynamics such as group culture, expectation setting, peer enforcement, and peer intervention. The Failsafe Student Leader Toolkit was created to adapt evidence-based strategies for use with these groups. An online collection of videos, scripts, templates, and instructions, the toolkit enables student leaders to work autonomously with their membership, utilizing the power of leader influence while delivering tried and true individual and environmental strategies. Tom Workman, creator of the toolkit, will discuss the theory used to develop the toolkit, demonstrate the toolkit, and train NCC members on how to use the toolkit on campus.

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