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At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, we believe all students deserve to be here—to grow, to invent themselves, to reinvent themselves. Not to be the spokesperson of everyone who looks like them, loves like them, prays like them, but to become the best version of themselves. We believe each student’s story matters. However, we still have work to do to reach our goal of a student body with at least 18% diversity. We will continue to work with prospective students, their families, schools and community organizations in pursuit of our goal. To that end, we’ve resourced our Office of Admissions with the Diversity and Community Outreach Team to support the recruitment of students from all backgrounds. Through their work, and the work of the whole admissions team, each UNL class has grown increasingly diverse. In 2015, we enrolled 2,736 minority undergraduate students (13.6 percent of the undergraduate total), which made our undergraduate student body the most diverse in the university's history.

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