UNL Virtual Lecture Series - Speaking Topic: Understanding School Design

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04/10/2024 Added
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More from our virtual lecture series: Supporting Optimal Development Through Healthy Environments! This series is brought to you by the UNL Grand Challenges Planning Grant: Advancing Cutting Edge Research and Practices to Increase Access and Use of Green Space and Outdoor Play in Early Childhood Settings and organized by a cross-disciplinary group of cognitive, developmental, architecture, and design researchers. The purpose of this series is to educate our research community about emerging ideas and findings for how different aspects of the physical environment may shape development. We will be hosting researchers throughout the semester, and you can find our current schedule below. This presentation This discussion tell the story of the “why” behind shifts in school design and the importance of aligning these spatial shifts with holistic systems change. These conversations allow participants to align their approach to space to garner the most impact. Dr. Tim Shimp is an educational learning designer who works with design teams and clients to ensure teaching and learning objectives are met. He supports school districts across the country in developing high impact, engaging, and innovative learning environments. Having worked in nearly every facet of the K-12 education system from educator to superintendent, he uses his practical experience to revolutionize the learning experience. Dr. Marilyn Denison bridges curriculum and facilities throughout the design process to ensure a holistic approach is delivered. She works directly with K-12 school district clients across the country to lead planning efforts and visioning exercises that establish the client’s Why or Guiding Purpose, followed by Guiding Principles to achieve that purpose. She leads DLR Group's BOLD (bridging organization, learning, and design) team. BOLD connects districts and designers to ensure the vision for teaching and learning is supported by the built environment. Marilyn and her team inspire innovation by facilitating organizational change and cultural transformation to elevate student outcomes.

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