UNL Virtual Lecture Series - Dr. Muntazar Monsur

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03/25/2024 Added
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We're back with more from our virtual lecture series: Supporting Optimal Development Through Healthy Environments. This series is brought to you by the UNL Grand Challenges Planning Grant: Advancing Cutting Edge Research and Practices to Increase Access and Use of Green Space and Outdoor Play in Early Childhood Settings and organized by a cross-disciplinary group of cognitive, developmental, architecture, and design researchers. The purpose of this series is to educate our research community about emerging ideas and findings for how different aspects of the physical environment may shape development. We will be hosting researchers throughout the semester, and you can find our current schedule below. Dr. Monsur is an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at Texas Tech University. His research centers advancing children’s health, well-being, happiness, and learning by creating environments that support play, interactions, curiosity, and creativity. Additional work and teaching efforts include researching the capacity of natural environments to promote informal STEM learning during early/middle childhood and transforming learning environments in schools, preschools, and childcare centers to enhance children’s interactions with nature. He is the lead investigator of the DoLA Extended Reality Lab; a center for exploring effective applications of Extended Reality tools (Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality) for advancing landscape architecture education and research.

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