Tracking Invisible Threats: A Comprehensive Study of brucellosis and leptospirosis infectious diseases at human-livestock wildlife interface in Tanzania, East Africa.

Shabani Muller, PhD Student, Graduate Research Assistant, UNL - School of Natural Resources Author
10/31/2023 Added
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The major objective of our research was to determine the prevalence and transmission of brucellosis and leptospirosis, two neglected infectious diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people in rural agricultural communities. Using cross sectional epidemiological studies, we detected anti-Brucella antibodies in humans, livestock, and wildlife within the Katavi-Rukwa ecosystem, with cattle showing the highest seroprevalence of exposure. Additionally, pathogenic Leptospira species were found in people who farm and keep large herds of livestock emphasizing the need for active disease surveillance. These findings underscore the importance of addressing infectious diseases to safeguard communities' well-being and inform public and animal health policies in Tanzania and beyond.

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