Re-imagining a Decomissioned Missile Silo: The future of documentary storytelling and emerging technologies

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10/08/2023 Added
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What if we could repurpose cold war era missile silos in Nebraska as a laboratory and museum open to the public to explore the past, present, and future? In the 1960s, the Atlas F missile west of Seward, Nebraska, USA was housed in a silo and fueled before an elevator would lift the weapon up for launch. The missile at this site was never launched. Students and Researchers at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are planning and designing a testing facility for ice core drilling equipment Atlas-F missile silo. The proposed facility would also include educational outreach and exhibition space. Upon completion, the Ice Coring and Education Silo Center will be the first facility of its kind in the world. The Speculative Devices Lab uses technology and collaborative storytelling methods across Architecture and Emerging Media Arts as a way to bring in the past to help shape the future. We work between the physical into the digital and vice versa. We are using LiDAR scans and photogrammetry via drone capture that Rogue out of Kansas City captured, We are also experimenting with NeRFs (neural radiance fields), and Real-Time 3D technologies RT3D in addition to 2D video and images.

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