Verbing Science! with Ritu Raman

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7. Ritu Raman, “Bio and the Bot” The nature of scientific research is that you don’t know for sure whether something will work when you first try it – if you did know, it wouldn’t really be science, now would it? The most successful scientists are comfortable taking intellectual risks – trying out an idea, seeing what happens, saying, “Hmmm, that’s strange,” and trying to figure out what went wrong, often many times over before something finally goes right – maybe something they couldn’t even have anticipated at the beginning of this process. Meet Dr. Ritu Raman: engineer, innovator, risk-taker! In this episode, Ritu shares how wondering whether living tissue could be used to develop a new kind of robot—a “bio-bot”— started her on a journey that, like so many scientists’, has been marked by lots of failures, some successes, and a perpetual willingness to be surprised.

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