What is Verbing Science!?

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1. What is “Verbing Science!”? Calvin: "I like to verb words." Hobbes: "What?" Calvin: "I take nouns and adjectives and use them as verbs. Remember when 'access' was a thing? Now it's something you DO. It got verbed." (From Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson: https://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1993/01/25) In a time when scientific topics dominate the headlines, Jocelyn Bosley is on a mission to change how people think about what science means and how it works. Drawing on her expertise as a historian of science and her experience as a science educator and communicator, she finds the real magic of science comes from diverse people and perspectives converging on a solution, rather than everyone following a rigid, uniform method. Science isn’t just a process. It’s a whole universe of processes. In this six-part video series, Jocelyn chats with some extraordinary scientists who show that the journey to scientific discovery much more complex and creative than textbooks typically let on. We’ll also explore some habits of mind that will make you a better scientist – habits you can cultivate by practicing the arts and humanities. In other words, science is about to get verbed.

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