The History of Las Voces / How Latino/a Immigrants Came to Nebraska

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04/21/2022 Added
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Marty Ramirez (retired psychologist), Rebecca Gonzalez (community activist), Yolanda Nuncio (community activist), Maria Elena Villasante (doctoral student, behavioral health consultant/community activist), Olga Kanne (community activist) Historically, the question of how immigrants came to Nebraska has been a point of interest. With the recent discussion on immigration reform, this question from a historical perspective has ignited a renewed discussion. How Mexicans and other Latinos arrived to Nebraska has generated little attention. Thus a "Latino Voice" has been invisible, silent and forgotten. In 2018, a few Latinos began to organize a group, LAS VOCES, (The Voices) to once again address current and past issues facing Latinos throughout Nebraska. The mission of Las Voces is to advocate and inspire positive change in the Latino/Hispanic community of Nebraska by addressing social justice issues through leadership, civic engagement, and collaboration. (Moderator: Michelle Warren) Part of the Reckoning & Reconciliation on the Great Plains summit

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