Open for Business with Kara Sousek (Dec. 14, 2021)

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Kara Sousek is a fifth generation farmer from Prague, NE. She studied Horticulture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and minored in the Engler Entrepreneurship Program. While she grew up surrounded by corn, beans, cows, and pigs on the family farm, she felt drawn to diversified agriculture. She started working for Oak Creek Vineyard early in her college career, and became manager soon after graduating. The same year after graduating, she planted her own first acre of grape vines on the family farm by Prague. For the past few years, she has leased Oak Creek Vineyard from her former boss after he retired, and is in the process of purchasing the vineyard. Through those years, she has held several day jobs related to her horticulture degree, and currently is the Production Manager at Great Plains Nursery in Weston. She plans on transitioning to running the vineyard full time in the near future, but currently manages the vineyards with her brother-in-law in addition to their day jobs. Kara is passionate about the Nebraska Wine industry. Her mission is to provide the quality and quantity of grapes that Nebraska wineries need to produce exceptional wines and to grow their businesses.

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