Uncovering the Hidden History of Genoa Indian School

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11/18/2021 Added
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In this panel discussion, team members from the Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project and community members will share the lasting impact of the Genoa Indian Boarding School in Nebraska. The Genoa School was one of over 300 Indian boarding schools that were established by the government and churches in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. By 1900, nearly 21,000 Indian children were living apart from their families at one of the boarding schools. In many cases, officials forced children to attend the schools against the wishes of their families and tribes. Panelists: Judi gaiashkibos (Ponca), Executive Director, Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs Dr. Rudi Mitchell (Omaha Indian Nation of Nebraska and Iowa), professor emeritus, Native American Studies, Creighton University Dr. Margaret Jacobs, Project Co-Director Dr. Susana D. Grajales Geliga (Lakota and Taino), Project Co-Director Dr. Elizabeth Lorang, Project Co-Director Part of the Hubbard Lecture, annual lecture advancing the understanding and appreciation of the cultural heritage of the First Peoples of the Plains. Made possible by contributions from Anne M. Hubbard and the Claire M. Hubbard Foundation.

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