Speed05-Aiming for a Moving Target: Tech Kits for Pandemic Planning (and Beyond?)

Aiming for a Moving Target: Tech Kits for Pandemic Planning (and Beyond?)

Tamatha Perlman Author
06/11/2021 Added
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Faced with an uncertain fall, Macalester prepared for a changing landscape of learning and teaching in a classroom, at home, or both at once. Equipping physical spaces with built-in technology geared towards hyflex learning presented real limitations: it’s expensive, takes time, and would be rendered useless by a return to fully-remote learning. Our goals were to provide a solution that was flexible, easy, and affordable. Working closely with faculty and IT leaders, our team of academic technologists came up with a solution: the Tech Kit: an iPad, Apple Pencil, webcam, and tripod supplied to faculty. This combination of tools filled key gaps in the remote learning environment, allowing faculty to whiteboard virtually, annotate texts by hand, and grade paperlessly. The kit was also designed to make the hybrid classroom manageable for instructors, easing the capture of classroom audio and video for both recordings and synchronous participation. Paired with virtual and in-person training opportunities over the summer, the Tech Kit proved to be broadly successful. Hear the decision making process, and details of the tech kit rollout, including device management, training, creative uses, and the ups and downs.

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