Speed24-Teaching the Tricky Classes - Lessons Learned from Zooming Chemistry Labs

Teaching the Tricky Classes - Lessons Learned from Zooming Chemistry Labs

Brevan Jorgenson & Erin King-Grace Author
06/11/2021 Added
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When the world transitioned to remote education overnight one of the greatest hurdles for us to overcome was how to best offer chemistry lab courses in a remote teaching and learning environment. This challenge was compounded by the fact that the chemistry labs required the use of specialized instruments, which could only be found in the classroom, that were needed to complete the learning objectives of the course. It was important for us to find remote learning solutions which continued to provide for the safety, accessibility, and high-quality learning standards expected by the chemistry students and faculty. In this presentation we will compare and contrast the methods of delivery that we found to be ineffective and successful. Additionally, we detail the special considerations that we needed to account for, and the specific technology used address them. Lastly, we will highlight our proposed recommendations for future enhancements and open it up to the group for thoughts, discussion, and questions. Our goal is that an attendee should walk away from this presentation with a new perspective when approaching the challenges and concerns they face in trying to transition traditionally-on-campus-only courses to a high-quality online delivery.

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