Speed22-Taking the Discussion-Based Classroom Online (in Full and in Part)

Taking the Discussion-Based Classroom Online (in Full and in Part)

Patrice McMahon & Tamy Burnett Author
06/11/2021 Added
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During 2020, instructors and students got a crash course in how to (and how not to) teach and learn online. For the UNL Honors Program, where a key component of our curricular experience is small discussion-based seminars, the shift to fully or partially online classes presented a number of challenges as well as successes with integrating technological approaches into a tried-and-true approach to active student learning. Using examples from 4 discussion-based seminars taught July 2020-January 2021—three wholly online and two with simultaneous teaching to students in person and online, we will highlight effective activities and strategies for engaging students, ensuring maintenance of the benefits of discussion-based active learning approaches, and making best use of technology. We will highlight specific adaptations of discussion activities in each format, challenges and opportunities within each setting, and offer recommendations for instructors who find themselves navigating similar formats in the future.

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