Speed17-Cultivating a culture for change

Cultivating a culture for change

Colleen Baker & Amy Shaw Author
06/11/2021 Added
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There’s a lot of talk about change these days, but with transformation here and disruption there, it’s important to keep change working for you, not against you, as your instrument, not your master. What does your institution really need to do right now, to continue operating successfully while continuing to evolve through your strategy and toward your vision? How are you involving technology in these decisions, rather than blindly dictating to it or fearfully playing along with it? What methods are enabling you to change iteratively with frequent course correction that balances objectives, results, and organizational learning? Your institution could “know” that all of these things are important and yet still struggle with all of them if the changes are rejected by your culture. It’s also important not to “over-rotate” to change for the sake of change. Cultivating a culture of change is exhausting and not sustainable. Cultivating a culture for change is all about doing new things better while staying who you are.

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