Speed15-Preparation and Resilience: Key factors in remote learning

Preparation and Resilience: Key factors in remote learning

Ladan Ghazi Saidi, Sharon Obasi, Carie Kracl, & Miechelle McKelvey Author
06/11/2021 Added
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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, our institution, like others in higher education, suspended face- to-face classes and offered remote learning as an alternative. In November 2020, we report five cases of undergraduate and graduate courses that transitioned from a face-to-face to a remote mode (Ghazi Saidi et al., 2020). In this paper, we discuss how each course was moved to an online mode, how the course was managed, the instructors’ previous experience in online teaching, their self-reflection on the process of transitioning to remote learning. In this presentation, we will discuss the combined results of the cases reported in this study and provide recommendations based on this study. Further, we will discuss the students’ perspectives based on their responses to an online survey. This presentation will be of interest to the audience given that it will provide both faculty and students’ perspectives and will include information that can be valuable for faculty members for a more successful experience in a similar potential scenario in the future.

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