Speed03-Rethinking Psychomotor Skill Acquisition in a Pandemic

Rethinking Psychomotor Skill Acquisition in a Pandemic

Steph Langel, Sara Bills, Kellie Gossman Author
06/11/2021 Added
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Teaching online is difficult. Teaching psychomotor skills online feels near impossible. Leaning on motor learning theory, the Division of Physical Therapy Education and the E-Learning Program at UNMC employed strategies to teach lab skills online so that students could continue to progress in the program despite a global pandemic. In this session, we will share how you can initiate psychomotor skill learning in an online format. We will discuss our use of Storyline to create interactive modules for learner conceptualization, visualization, and verbalization of skills. Learn what activities facilitate each step, thereby allowing the student to arrive at in-person sessions ready for hands-on practice. Presenters will share the successes and strategies worth keeping in a post-pandemic world.

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