Speed02-Successfully Managing WFH Teams When WFH Seems Unmanageable

Successfully Managing WFH Teams When WFH Seems Unmanageable

Alyssa Wyant, Danielle Kluver, & Shelby Hoffman Author
06/11/2021 Added
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Shifting overnight into remote work was a challenge for many higher education professionals. Not only were employees sent home, but many women were asked to wear multiple hats consisting of employee, manager, caretaker, mother, teacher, etc. In this speed session, identify tools, tactics, and tips on how to be a successful leader and remote worker. Understand challenges many WFH employees may face and strategies to overcome them. Learn to collaborate as a team, celebrate successes, and hold one another accountable to accomplish the task at hand. Clearly understand how to elevate yourself and your team as you successfully navigate the WFH lifestyle.

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