Melanin-concentrating Hormone Receptor Antagonism Attenuates the Expression of Nicotine Psychomotor Sensitization in Rats

Youxi Liu Author
04/02/2021 Added
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Nicotine in tobacco is the main cause of smoking addiction and can induce neurobiological changes in the brain. One population of neurons that may undergo this change is Melanin-concentrating Hormone (MCH) neurons. This research tested the hypothesis that systemic MCH receptor antagonism will attenuate nicotine psychomotor sensitization, and specifically tested whether MCH antagonism with the compound GW803430 blocks the expression of nicotine sensitization in male Wistar rats. These results demonstrate that systemic administration of the MCH receptor antagonist attenuates the expression of nicotine sensitization, possibly implicating MCH in nicotine use and abuse. Pharmacological treatments of MCH receptor antagonists could be effective in treating nicotine addiction.

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