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Hixson-Lied Visiting Artists Panel 03/11/2021 SERIOUS PLAY: Radical Publications and Their Histories Panel Speakers: Sampada Aranke, Assistant Professor of Art History, School of the Art Institute of Chicago Alexis Salas, Assistant Professor of Art History, New Mexico State University Julia Neal, Lecturer in African American Art History, Georgia State University Kieran Jack Wilson, photographer and activist, Lincoln, NE As paper zines, signage, and print material continue to give form to the current set of global crises, this panel examines the new histories that emerge when we examine distributable print media in terms of crisis and social movements. How might we re-assess the history of twentieth-century print projects to account for the current return to experimental paper-based projects in the age of Black Lives Matter? And how might the dynamics of play--with its emphasis on participation, the detachment from professionalism, and the refusal of the serious-- lend itself to an expanded history of paper and design-based media in moments of critique? This panel will discuss historical examples of incisive, rageful, satirical, and even mocking visual forms on paper and bring them to bear on the networks of the present.

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