2021 Crop Budgets and the new Agricultural Budget Calculator Program (Dec. 3, 2020 webinar)

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12/03/2020 Added
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With Glennis McClure, extension educator, farm and ranch management analyst, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Agricultural Economics. Glennis McClure will present on updates to this year’s crop budgets, how the projections were developed and how the information can be used by farm managers in their operations. The 2021 budgets are available in PDF format, as well as Excel, which can be updated by the user to match crop production operations and expenses. They are now available atcropwatch.unl.edu/budgets and include 83 production budgets for 15 crops, as well as information on budgeting procedures, standard costs used and a production cost summary. McClure will also demonstrate the new Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC) — a new web-based enterprise budgeting program developed by the university’s Department of Agricultural Economics. Currently in the testing phase, the ABC program allows managers and producers to enter their own prices and expenses, plus projected revenue, to calculate returns above cash and all costs. The program allows for ease of use in customizing crop enterprise budgets.

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