Queer-Related Language and How Privilege and Heteronormativity Have an Effect on Language Perception and Use

Jose Daniel Lino Plat Author
09/17/2020 Added
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An online survey was used to determine the use and perceptions of queer-related terms by heteronormative and queer people. Research participants were primarily from the US, UK and Ireland. Research was conducted from a Queer Linguistics approach, discussing gender and queer theories as well. Results indicated that there was an existing relationship between privilege and heteronormativity and a distinguished usage and understanding of language, which was heightened when comparing heteronormative and queer participants. Privilege relations within in-group LGBTQ+ people were established, considering their gender and sexual identities separately. This study indicates additional research on other variants of participants’ identities, such as age or race/ethnicity to see how these identities intersect and affect their use of language.

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