Promoting sustained environments to maintain the pre-K boost

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The Early Learning Network is exploring many factors to better understand how to help children not only achieve early learning success – but maintain it. Promoting sustained environments is a critical factor in helping young learners reach their full potential throughout their school career. When children have access to high-quality pre-K programs, particularly those who face disadvantages, the experiences and learning opportunities they are exposed to may give them a boost in school. However, the power of the pre-K boost varies widely among children, and unfortunately, sometimes fades in kindergarten and the early elementary grades. There are many ways teachers, parents and policymakers can help foster high-quality learning experiences for children during pre-K and as they progress through school. Through their collective research, Early Learning Network researchers have identified some best practices to create sustained environments — both in the classroom and at the policy level — that may support learning and development well beyond pre-K.

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