I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

Miki Montgomery Author
05/20/2020 Added
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Teacher Mismiki reads one of her favorite stories about a unique little girl who is so happy to be who she is! She knows that she is different in the way she looks, in the way she feels inside, the ways she likes to play, and even admits that sometime she can be super different that she gets called a "silly nut," or a "crazy cuckoo bird!" But, because this young girl has learned how important it is to like herself for who she is, she doesn't let what others call her or think about her bother her! Teacher Miki then shares what it is that she likes about herself that is different than most others, and explains that being different is very important! What is it that you like about yourself? After listening to the story, write or draw what makes you like yourself the most! Length: 6:28; 2-8 years

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