Let's Read 'A Beautiful Stick'

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04/09/2020 Added
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Reading aloud to children is a great way to spend quality time together. Often, what we read will come alive as children sing, dance, sculpt, draw, and act out what they are learning. Not A Stick, by Antoinette Portis, provides the readers (and listeners) permission to be creative...it’s not a stick...it’s a ____! Sticks are a great example of a “loose part”. A loose part is simply something that does not come with instructions on how to use it. Soon after reading this book you will see “It’s not a ____” possibilities everywhere, and the fun will continue even if you do not have a stick! Look at the clouds, knots in pieces of wood, find shapes in rocks (like hearts). Find other loose parts and encourage your child to make something out of those parts. Examples of loose parts include rocks, buttons, beads, shells, leaves, container lids, etc.! Length: 2:32; 2 and up

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