4-H Embryology Initial Classroom Presentation

Calvin DeVries and Vicki Jedlicka Author
04/02/2020 Added
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This is Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County’s initial presentation given in local classrooms as a part of the 4-H Embryology school enrichment program. The presenter explains what Embryology is (i.e. the “study of” + “embryos), what fertilized eggs need to properly incubate (i.e. heat, humidity and rotated an odd number of days) as well as the parts of an egg. After answering student's questions, the presenter normally places a dozen fertilized eggs in the classroom incubator! You may watch eggs hatch on 4-H EGG Cam at lancaster.unl.edu/eggcam! Locally, the 4-H youth development program is a partnership between Nebraska Extension and Lancaster County government. Learn more about the Lancaster County 4-H program at lancaster.unl.edu/4h.

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