Shared Storybook Reading with a Preschooler: Grumpy Monkey

Holly Hatton-Bowers Author
03/17/2020 Added
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There are many benefits of reading aloud to children. Caregivers who read to children at home at least three times per week have children who are likely to score in the top 25% of reading scores compared to children who are read to less often. Reading aloud promotes children developing new words, developing language skills, growing their reading comprehension and it can help them think and talk about their own feelings and experiences as they relate to characters in the book. When engaging in shared storybook reading it can be helpful to: 1) ask children open-ended questions 2) actively engage children in the story, and 2) ask children to make predictions. Watch Savannah and her dad read Grumpy Monkey and see how he uses some of these strategies. Learn more about reading storybooks aloud (have a link - And learn more about how to use books to support young children’s coping and understanding of their emotions with storybooks when they experience stress and/or trauma:

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