Bed, Bath, and Beyond–Suite-Style Residence Hall Tour

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Ditch the mystery of on-campus collaborative living. Scope out our suite-style living spaces (which house up to four students in one) to envision the ways you can stretch your strengths through co-creation—from your classes to your physical living spaces—at Nebraska. Check out a suite-style residence hall for yourself by coming to campus for a tour. Schedule your visit today at As a Husker, you can live in a suite-style unit as early as your first year! Learn more at [0:17] Building Access [0:37] Room Access [0:49] The Suite [1:06] In-Suite Lounge [1:42] The Room [2:20] Kitchenette [2:34] Bathroom [2:55] Laundry [3:26] Lounge [3:53] Convenience Store [4:28] Game Room ____________________________________________________ Are you a Nebraska student that lives for the spotlight? Email us at to be featured on our channel!

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