Blowing the Whistle on Ag Marketing Claims

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09/17/2018 Added
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This video is part of a larger project described as: Agriculture research is a vital part of an ever-changing industry. As extension professionals, we often present or provide applied research data to audiences who have not been trained in statistics or research interpretation. In an effort to improve basic research interpretation among agriculture producers, a team of extension professionals involved in the 2017 North Central Agriculture and Natural Resources Academy created fact sheets, short video clips, slide show presentations, a resource page, and a post presentation survey that focus on "Understanding Ag Research " using four main topics: Replication and Randomization Setting up On-Farm Trials Understanding the LSD Identifying Quality Research This tool package includes four fact sheets for producer distribution and video clips (to serve as online resources for farmers or educators). Additionally, long and short PowerPoint slideshows that can be used either prior to presenting research information to an audience, or presented as a stand-alone topic are included. A resource page is also provided that lists additional resources regarding research interpretation and related topics. A follow-up participant survey for the use of anyone presenting any portion of this resource package is included.

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