Dr. Theresa Catalano

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06/06/2017 Added
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This audio belongs to the ICMEE podcast. In this episode, Araceli Lobato, the host, interviews Dr. Theresa Catalano, a professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. If you want to know more about this professor and our podcast, visit our website and you'll find more details about this professor: https://cehs.unl.edu/icmee .You can also listen to our podcast and subscribe in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hablamos-conversations-on-teaching-learning-bilingualism/id1294743562?mt=2 If you have ideas or suggestions regarding our Podcast or would like to be part of a conversation on the podcast, please contact Araceli Lobato (araceli.ld@huskers.unl.edu)

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