CPSWS 2013 - Stratospheric Amateur Radio Balloon Launchings at CPSWS 2000-2012

Mark Conner, Air Force and private sector meteorologist Author
02/21/2017 Added
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Amateur Radio High-altitude Ballooning (ARHAB) is an increasingly popular science-oriented hobby among Amateur Radio enthusiasts. The Nebraska Stratospheric Amateur Radio (NSTAR) group has conducted several launches at the CPSWS, including its first flight at the October 2000 event. For these flights, a weather balloon is filled with hydrogen or helium and instruments, cameras, and tracking radios are attached. The balloon is then released into the atmosphere for its two-hour flight. The balloon rises into the lower stratosphere and bursts at about 80,000 to 100,000 feet. A parachute slows the fall of the equipment and the chase team tracks the payloads to landing and recovery via Amateur Radio. The equipment is recovered and the data and camera recordings are analyzed. This presentation will show highlights from CPSWS launches, including on-board camera footage.

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