University of Zagreb education and research programs address Croatian agricultural issues

Zeljko Jukic, Associate Professor, UNIZG FAZ Author
09/22/2016 Added
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The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Zagreb has programs at the undergraduate, masters, Ph.D., and postgraduate levels. The Department of Field Crops, Forage and Grasslands is one of the largest teaching and research departments, and has outreach programs with a business sector. Scientists from this department are involved in teaching in the undergraduate and postgraduate Plant Sciences and Agricultural Sciences programs. The department’s staff conducts research on agricultural mechanization, plant physiology, seed production and marketing of grain crops, forage and grassland management, and postharvest technology/preservation/storage of grain and forage crops. Dr. Zeljko Jukic will discuss his teaching efforts and research on utilization of agriculture products in the processing industry and postharvest technology.

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