Herbicide-resistant weeds in Nebraska—research and extension

AMIT JHALA – Assistant Professor, Extension Weed Management Specialist, UNL Agronomy and Horticulture Author
07/04/2016 Added
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Repeated and intensive use of herbicide(s) with the same mode of action can rapidly select for shifts to tolerant, difficult-to-control weeds, and the evolution of herbicide resistant weeds. Weeds have evolved resistance to 22 out of 25 known herbicide modes of action and to 157 different herbicides. Control of herbicide-resistant weeds is one of the greatest challenges for corn and soybean producers in Nebraska. Eight weed species have evolved resistance to several groups of herbicides in Nebraska. Six weed species have been confirmed to be resistant to glyphosate in Nebraska. Research and UNL Extension activities on management of herbicide-resistant weeds will be discussed.

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