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Work late? Evening classes? The late night dining option is a great choice for students who live in suite-style or traditional halls and have a 5-day or 7-day unlimited meal plan to eat a grab 'n go meal later in the evenings. The popular Husker Hoagies eatery, located in Abel/Sandoz, will be the first to test the late night concept. Students who live in any UNL residence hall can add the dining option to their meal plans. Guests are welcome at guest meal prices. Husker Hoagies late night will be open Sunday through Thursday evenings from 9 p.m. to midnight. Students with the option can eat up to two times each week. The menu will include limited offerings. The charge to add the late night dining option at Husker Hoagies is $200 for the academic year. This feature may be added at any time during the first semester for the full $200 or added anytime during the second semester for $100. There will be no refunds for this option upon contract cancellation or meal plan cancellation.

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