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Bob Fuson (D.M.A. 2016) composed this clever new work based on the current jazz meme. LICKIN' features Ben Bird on trumpet.

UNL Jazz Orchestra
Dr. Eric Richards, director

Reed I: Mike Dee
Reed II: Brian Vuu 
Reed III: Bobby Fuson 
Reed IV: Hendrik Viljoen 
Reed V: Nick May

Trumpet I/Jazz: Russell Zimmer 
Trumpet II: Frank Stroup 
Trumpet III/Jazz: Ben Bird 
Trumpet IV: Taylor Cobb

Trombone I/Jazz: Luke Thallas 
Trombone II/Asst. Lead: Dave Stamps 
Trombone III: Joshua Tidd 
Bass Trombone IV: Willie Neubauer 

Guitar: Aaron Stroessner 
Piano: Masayoshi Ishikawa 
Bass: Max Stehr 
Drums/Vibes: Chris Varga 
Drums: Nick Johnson 
Vocals/Violin: Kara Baxter

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