Spring 2013 Water Seminar Series - "Implications for Water, Food and Energy from the Latest IPCC Climate Simulations"

Dr. Lawrence Buja Author
04/15/2013 Added
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The partnership between the university community and NCAR has given society a suite of very powerful scientific observational, global & regional modelling and data analysis tools.  At the same time, climate change science is rapidly transitioning away from Climate 1.0, classic climate modelling showing that anthropogenic warming is occurring, to Climate 2.0 where the primary question is "How do we mitigate or adapt to this change and its impact on the coupled human & natural system?" The Climate 2.0 question requires a much more advanced approach to address the complex and interlinked social and physical science elements of this question.  This talk will highlight a number of domestic and international projects where NCAR's Climate Science and Applications Program is working with its university collaborators to effectively integrate social and physical sciences in addressing societally relevant climate adaptation questions such as future water availability, food security, energy, urban systems and human health.

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