Eyewitness to Power: The Essence of Leadership


Author: David Gergen
Added: 09/18/2008
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Commentator, editor, teacher, public servant, best-selling author and adviser to presidents, David Gergen has been an active participant in American national life. He served as director of communications for President Ronald Reagan and also held positions in the Nixon, Ford and Clinton administrations. Gergen currently serves as editor-at-large at U.S. News & World Report and as a regular television commentator. He is also a professor of public service at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government and director of its Center for Public Leadership. In 2000, he published the best-selling book "Eyewitness to Power: The Essence: of Leadership, Nixon to Clinton."


  • "One of the things that's interesting about the Obama campaign is the degree to which it relies heavily upon the power of the Internet."
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    Brett Bieber
    11/11/08 1:24 pm

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