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With Lotus Notes, I created categories for my contacts. It made it easy for me to find who I was looking for just by going to the Category View and select the category needed. Outlook uses categories differently, but you can get the same result by creating folders and folder groups. Folders 1. In the Navigation Pane, click the Folder View button. 2. With the Contacts folder selected, go to the Folder tab and click New Folder. 3. Type the name for the folder (be sure Contacts is still selected) and then click OK. 4. Your new folder will be listed. 5. Drag and drop contacts to the new folder. Folder Groups Return to Contacts view by clicking the Contacts button in the Navigation Pane. If you have multiple folders that are related, you can create Folder Groups to better organize your contacts. 1. Right-click My Contacts at the top of the Navigation Pane and click New Folder Group. 2. Name the new group and press Enter to confirm the name. 3. Drag and drop the appropriate folders to the group. You now have a better organized list of contacts.

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