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Being able to view my coworkers’ free/busy time is a great time-saver when I want to schedule a meeting with them. But there are times when I need to schedule a meeting with someone outside of UNL. When that’s the case, I send them a copy of my calendar for the time period requested so they can match their free time with mine. To send someone your calendar… 1. In a new e-mail message or a reply, click in the body of the message. 2. On the Message tab, Include group, click Attach Item and select Calendar. 3. In the Send a Calendar via E-Mail dialog box: a. Specify which calendar to include (if you manage more than one). b. Specify the date range. If you don’t see the option you need, select Specify Dates to choose the beginning and end of the date range. c. Select the amount of detail to include. d. If you only want to include working hours, select ☑ Show time within my working hours only. 4. Click OK. The calendar will be added to your message as a neat and easy-to-read table, making it easy for the recipient to select a time that works for both of you.

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