Global For All Session 2: Zamorano & Husker Students Pair Up on Language Course

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05/02/2024 Added
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As the second programming event for the new CASNR community of practice around global learning, we’re excited to welcome you to this semester’s “Global For All (mini)Series." This semester, our sessions are focused on one such inclusive practice in our toolbox of accessible global learning called “collaborative online international learning” or COIL (also referred to as virtual exchange): exploring this methodology and highlighting faculty already implementing it. Our colleagues in the Department of Modern Languages have helped Nebraska students increase their cultural competence, worldviews, and foreign language capacity by collaborating with students from the Pan-American Zamorano University as they connect across borders, languages, and cultures. (About the Global Learning Community of Practice: We will convene monthly to learn from each other and our non-UNL colleagues, plus regularly share information around global opportunities for students including lower-cost or free travel opportunities, online collaborations between student groups/classes/etc., the CASNR Global Learning Hub event series, study abroad, and other methods focused on increased access. Feel free to attend any/all events, invite others, check out recordings, share resources or ideas, or suggest yourself or a colleague to be featured.)

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