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As part of our ongoing expert sessions for the SDG Scholars Program, we present global expert Florencio Vente, speaking to Goal #8, Decent Work and Economic Growth (as well as #10 Reduced Inequalities and numerous other SDGs). Florencio is a Colombian youth leader and impact entrepreneur residing in Brazil. He is the Co-director of the Migration Youth and Children platform a self-organised and collective space by young people and for youth people to impact the highest levels of international migration policy-making. He is also the founder of Glocals, an initiative connecting migrants with local host communities through cultural, economic, and social exchange to combat xenophobia and discrimination. Florencio is a former member of several local and regional councils with over a decade of experience in civic engagement on different issues such as education, human rights, climate, development, and youth advocacy. He was part of the sustainable leadership program by United People Global, SDNS Youth Local Pathways fellow, Emerging Leaders by Aspire Institute at Harvard, and a fellow of the Western Union Foundation program for Social Entrepreneurs.

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