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09/06/2023 Added
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In our first CASNR Global Learning Hub event of Fall 2023, we heard from Nebraska alumna Cheyenne Gerlach. Gerlach's global path thus far since coming to UNL from the small town of DeWitt, Nebraska included studying and research in Benin and South Africa, then, an internship with the World Food Prize led to academic study and field research on agriculture and international development topics at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology in Mbita, Kenya. She was a Fulbright Scholar sponsored by the U.S. State Department, spending almost three years studying and working in the Netherlands at the Univerisity of Wageningen. Her academic work included research in agricultural economics topics as well as a regional agriculture-related study on Southeast Asia. The breadth of Gerlach’s international experiences has helped her see the notable range of perspectives globally regarding agriculture and related issues. “Really sinking into how different parts of the world view agriculture — or pesticides or food production — is a game changer,” says Gerlach, who received her UNL bachelor’s degree in integrated science in 2020.

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