Advancing Careers & the SDGs: How a Co-Curricular Program Supports Students to Make a Difference in their Career Paths

IANR Global Engagement Author
03/09/2023 Added
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While many agree that the #SDGs should play a critical role in our students’ education, helping students to connect their passions and career goals to be aligned with these global goals promises to both benefit them and our society in general. Our SDG Scholars Program seeks to both spark curiosity about the goals and help students chart their professional paths to be aligned with them. With one aim of the program being to grow students’ professional networks, we work to illuminate lesser-known and innovative careers, connect them with folks in their fields and others, normalize non-linear professional paths, while at the same time developing critical thinking and cultural competency. But the network development isn't only with established professionals, it's also lateral: bringing students together to problem-solve with peers with different life experiences than themselves. Learn more about the program (and potentially join us as an SDG expert, if you’re interested!) by attending tomorrow's session about creatively re-combining resources and connections to benefit students, our countries, and the world.

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