The Incredible 5-Point Scale and Anxiety

Kari Dunn Buron, MS Author
11/28/2022 Added
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Anxiety is often a part of the autistic profile. Anxiety is also the most contagious of all emotions, and anxiety is personal. Because of these issues, it is essential that all educators, when faced with troublesome, disturbing, or confusing behavior have an objective planning system on hand. The anxiety curve, as introduced by Buron and Curtis, in 2003 provides just such a system. This webinar will discuss the use of the anxiety curve to both address emotional regulation with students, and as a tool for educational planning. Kari will connect the curve to the Incredible 5-Point Scale; and illustrate how it relates to other common teaching strategies. This is a follow-up webinar to a presentation Kari provided in spring 2022 about The Incredible 5-Point Scale. To learn about 5-Point Scale prior to this webinar checkout the following resources: Tri-State Webinar: Using the 5-Point Scale and Kari’s Webpage

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